DMCA Content Takedown

At 1Baiser, we take the protection of our member's content seriously. We are actively monitoring third-party websites. We do our best to take down any content illegally taken from our site.

Following the rising number of requests from our members asking to assist with removing their content from unauthorized websites, we've decided to do the following:

In addition to our ongoing monitoring, 1Baiser contracted a third-party company specializing in DMCA cases to assist our models with submitting DMCA takedown requests to third-party websites for free.

Please contact us electronically by sending as an email at contact we will do anything we can to assist.

Important information you should take into consideration before contacting us:

  • We can only assist with content that we have the license, which means any content recorded or uploaded on our site.
  • Even though we will do our best to take the illegal content down, we cannot guarantee the successful removal of the content.
  • We can only submit DMCA takedown notices referring to the exact URL containing the illegal content.
  • You can only request the removal of your own content and not on behalf of a third party unless you provide us with the necessary authorizations to do so.

Please note that the time of each submission vary and we cannot guarantee that the content will be taken down within a specific timeframe.